• Ian Williams

    RE: NPS Scores

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    Hi David My initial thought is that score isn't necessarily low. It may be a little lower than your client is expecting, however it is in the promoter 'space' and there isn't always a perfect correlation between positive CSAT scores and NPS. There are a few things that this can depend on, including...

  • photo not available

    RE: Dual measurement of NPS

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    We ask the "would you recommend question" and for those customers that respond then invite them to complete a second short online survey. This survey asks questions about how we can improve our processe

  • David Ludwig

    NPS Scores

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    We recently completed a study for a new client in the medical field. It is a financial service company...can't say more. The survey targeted several tiers of our clients' clients from front line to CFO. The NPS part yielded a NPS of 34. While our client received very high "satisfaction" scores in...


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