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NET PROMOTER TO THE RESCUE!  Reduce customer churn and build stronger customer loyalty.

Capture and act on customer feedback in real-time. Identify immediately customers or segments that are potentially at-risk, and route issues to the appropriate individuals for action. Analyze outcomes captured in customer responses to understand root causes and implement changes to build longer-term loyalty. Integrate seamlessly to Salesforce and Oracle On Demand account and contact views with CRM Connect as well as Microsoft Outlook.

Your army of Promoters awaits. Empower loyal customers to promote your brand.

Mobilize Promoters and brand advocates and generate positive word of mouth by empowering Promoters to share their recommendations and feedback through social media. Extend your brand’s reach by empowering Promoters to share your offers and promotions through popular social media applications. Connect promoters to your internal marketing team to develop references and testimonials.

Action from the insight out. Generate more powerful customer insights to drive success.

Know what your customers are saying to you and about you. Categorize comments and tag sentiments automatically to understand customer trends in real time and take immediate action. Segment customer feedback in meaningful ways – by promoter/detractor, region, product, and more. Uncover the insights you need to make better strategic and tactical decisions to constantly improve the customer experience.

Bring success into focus. Drive customer obsession through accountability.

Cultivate a fanatical customer focus at every level of your organization. Increase accountability across departments and roles, from top to bottom. Provide centralized access to key, actionable information for managers with Business View. Manage key accounts more effectively with Performance Scorecards, providing a single view of account health and risks that drives action.

Satmetrix wrote the book on Net Promoter success.* And only Satmetrix gives you the fast, powerful, and complete software answer for companies asking the Ultimate Question: will my customers recommend me?

* No, really. We wrote the book. You should check it out.

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