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Net Promoter Benchmarking

Compare yourself.

Benchmarking your performance is the second most fundamental aspect of Net Promoter success. To understand your Net Promoter Score, you must compare that score within your industry and against direct and indirect competitors. Companies with scores higher than their competitive set grow faster and are more successful.

When Satmetrix developed Net Promoter, we saw that companies with a better ratio of Promoters to Detractors tend to grow more rapidly than their competitors. Companies with the most efficient growth engines operate with an NPS of 50 to 80. The average firm sputters along at an NPS of only 5 to 10 — in other words, their Promoters barely outnumber their Detractors. Many firms — and some entire industries — have negative Net Promoter Scores, which means that they are creating more Detractors than Promoters day in and day out. These low scores explain why so many companies can’t deliver profitable, sustainable growth – no matter how aggressively they spend to acquire new business.

Based on our deep experience and leadership, Satmetrix offers many ways to further your benchmarking activities.

See the stars.

Companies with robust Net Promoter programs make it a habit to seek out and compare themselves to top-scoring firms across all sectors in the countries where they operate.

Satmetrix makes this effort simple with the most comprehensive and reliable set of Net Promoter Benchmarks available. Every year, we publish performance across diverse B2C and B2B industries in North America and Europe, identifying leaders – and laggards – so that you have a strong and up-to-date basis for comparison.

We’ve produced more than 150 benchmarking reports over 7 years, which assures you can see which companies and industries have developed Net Promoter success over time. No one else offers the depth and breadth of Net Promoter data we do. Objective data matters, and gives you the standard to measure your performance.

The following examples of current NPS star performers are taken from the latest Satmetrix Net Promoter industry benchmark reports.

NPS Leaders – U.S. 2012 NPS Leaders – UK 2011
Company NPS Company NPS
USAA – Banking 83 Apple – Computer Hardware 67 – Online Shopping 76 First Direct – Banking 61
USAA – Auto Insurance 74 LG – Television 39
Trader Joe’s – Grocery 73 Samsung – Television 35
Costco – Department Stores / Apple – Computer Hardware / USAA – Homeowners Insurance 71 Sony – Computer Hardware 30


NPS Leaders – Germany 2011 NPS Leaders – France 2011
Company NPS Company NPS
Apple / iPhone 70 Apple / iPhone 57
ING-DiBa – Banking 48 MAIF – Car Insurance 38
Sony – Television 37 Panasonic – Television 32
Panasonic – Television 36 Sony – Television 28
Samsung – Television 29 Samsung – Television 26

Get to the head of the class.

Want to go wider and deeper? Real financial success from Net Promoter comes from understanding and applying learning from the the leaders – and laggards. Get to the head of the pack in your competitive set with the help of our consulting experts. They will organize and lead you through a customized, comprehensive Net Promoter benchmark analysis. Drawing from our experience and vast wealth of current and historical benchmark data, our domain experts compare your performance against industry competitors, other businesses in your region, and best-in-class Net Promoter performers across industries.

We leverage this benchmark analysis and deep domain experience so you can set appropriate and achievable goals for your teams based on Net Promoter measurement and practice.

Dare to compare! Learn what you’re doing right, where you can improve, and then drive your program to new heights.

Check out your social standing.

Maintaining its Net Promoter leadership, Satmetrix has introduced SparkScore™ – the first Net Promoter-based approach to measuring and comparing social media activity for your company, and for companies in selected industries.

SparkScore proactively captures social media conversations among your customers…and prospects and lost customers; those conversations are analyzed, classified, and categorized in terms of their strength of sentiment. We then use our patented Net Promoter methodology to score this feedback so you can understand – and respond to – them in a context already familiar to you: your Net Promoter program.

Experience SparkScore right now (for free!) on And it’s coming soon as part of Satmetrix Net Promoter in the Cloud. offers benchmarking by industry, putting a SparkScore in context both against the average of the selected industry as well as against the best and worst performer in that industry.

Seeing how other companies and industries are operating in social media can provide great insights to your own social customer experience, and that you can move to improve.

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