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Net Promoter Certification, Events, and Community


Your Net Promoter program is in place. Your team is motivated. Your Promoters are growing; your Detractors are shrinking. What now?

Don’t lose momentum! As your Net Promoter program grows, it’s more important than ever to keep learning, improving, and evolving your knowledge and practices. Satmetrix offers a world of Net Promoter options to keep you moving forward. Courses, events, and a robust online community allow you to master your program skills, meet experts and gain new insight, and share notes with peers from around the globe.

Only the experts at Satmetrix can offer you all this. No one else has the experience and the depth and breadth of knowledge about Net Promoter like the company that created it.


Take the official Net Promoter Certification course taught by our experts. Net Promoter Associate Certification gives you an in-depth blueprint to implement, manage, and optimize your customer loyalty program. The course is delivered as a three-day workshop or can be completed online with interactive cases. More than 5,000 people have already participated in the courses and there are more than 1,800 certified Net Promoter Associates worldwide.

Get Net Promoter Certified

The curriculum, developed by the creators of Net Promoter at Satmetrix, features real-world case studies, insightful lectures, and thought-provoking roundtable discussion with peers from top companies. The web-based course offers the same material and is made real by a question and answer forum with instructors and interactive case studies and exercises with colleagues from other companies and industries.

After completing either course, participants are eligible to take the Net Promoter Associate Certification exam. The exam is optional, but successful completion of the exam is required to attain certification. Net Promoter Associates become part of the growing community of Net Promoter experts. Certification is the premium credential for Net Promoter knowledge, ensuring quality, professionalism, and best practices in an Associate-led Net Promoter initiative.

And now you can take your Net Promoter knowledge even further with a new Social Net Promoter Workshop. Social media will revolutionize and supercharge Net Promoter programs, and program leaders will want to understand both the opportunity and the challenges. Learn about breakthroughs in harnessing social media to operationalize your business and social media measurement like SparkScore. No matter what the stage of your customer experience program, this two-day workshop is a great extension to your Net Promoter foundation.

Only Satmetrix offers you official certification and advanced instruction from the creators of Net Promoter.


Attend an official Net Promoter Conference produced by the people who invented Net Promoter. These conferences are the premier showcase for loyalty experts and industry practitioners using Net Promoter to transform their businesses

You’ll hear the latest industry research, trends, and forecasts; experience case studies from companies using Net Promoter in innovative, cutting-edge ways; and network with others who are responsible for the best customer experience initiatives around. You’ll also hear about advances in Net Promoter practices like SparkScore™, a breakthrough in measuring and managing social media using a Net Promoter-based approach (announced at the February 2012 Conference).

Conferences are held in both the United States and Europe each year.


Visit the official Net Promoter community at, managed by Satmetrix. More than 35,000 Net Promoter professionals from around the world participate in the world’s largest Net Promoter interest group.

You’ll find a wealth of information from and interaction with companies using Net Promoter as the core of their customer initiatives. Share your own experiences and compare practices and results with other companies as well as the experts. Sign up for the free monthly newsletter. The site features case studies, resources, interaction, and information for helping to maximize the effectiveness of your program.

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