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Net Promoter Certification, Events, and Community

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As the co-developer of Net Promoter┬«, Satmetrix offers a rich array of resources for expanding your understanding of the methodology.  Develop your expertise and apply your growing knowledge to your business. 



We offer industry-leading Net Promoter certification.  We collaborated with the top talent in the Customer Experience industry to bring you an updated NPS certification curriculum that reflects current market conditions, new case studies, and the latest best practices. 

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Our annual Net Promoter Conference brings together the brightest minds in customer experience to inspire and guide you.  Learn from industry leaders, meet Satmetrix experts, and network with peers. Net Promoter Conference 



The Net Promoter community here on introduces you to an always available collection of discussions, resources, and advice on program management.  You can also find Satmetrix on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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