Actionable Insights


Actionable Insights






Course Objectives

In Course 3, “Actionable Insights,” you’ll learn to use customer experience analytics to maximize insight and drive NPS success throughout your organization. Beyond designing a trustworthy measurement framework, one of the most common issues customer experience professionals face today is making good use of the data they have. Whether you need to move your organization beyond score watching, or make a business case for customer experience investments or just want to figure out what to do first or next, this course provides you with tools to do that. From how to leverage customer data to prioritize issues and inform strategy to how to develop a reporting framework to enable action, from internal and external benchmarking to structured and unstructured data to financial linkage, this course helps you identify the opportunities NPS has to offer and equips you with tools to enable your organization to capitalize on them.
By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand how customer feedback combined with other data sets to inform decision making
  • Know how to design an effective reporting strategy to engage your organization
  • Learn analytic techniques to maximize insight from structured and unstructured data
  • Be equipped to use internal and external benchmarking to uncover opportunities
  • Possess the knowledge of analytics needed to link customer feedback to financial performance