Foundation for Success


Foundation for Success






Course Objectives

NPS success requires the right building blocks and the right foundation. An essential part of that foundation is a proactive plan to manage the change needed for an NPS growth strategy to take root and thrive. Without the right supports in place to enable program momentum and foster customer-centric values and goals throughout the organization, even the best measurement framework, the most robust analytics or the most well designed smart loop strategy may falter or fail before the best returns are realized. Course 5, “Foundation for Success,” teaches you how to anchor the building blocks of NPS to a foundation for growth and ensure your strategic roadmap rests on ground solid enough to support the realization of its promise.
By course end, you will be equipped to:

  • Anticipate needs and plan for change management
  • Develop an effective compensation, goal setting and employee engagement strategy
  • Use internal and external communications to sustain program health and broaden opportunities
  • Understand technology investments in relation to CX needs and opportunity