Introduction to NPS


Introduction to NPS






Course Objectives

NPS is more than a score; it is a model for building a sustainable customer-centric growth strategy in a rapidly changing, increasingly commoditized and markedly disruptive business environment. “Introduction to NPS,” traces the evolution of NPS from a metric to a maturity model for customer-centric growth, introducing you to the foundation you need not only to make the case for customer experience in your organization but to enable it.
Beginning with the origins of NPS and ending with a detailed, multi-year case study, lessons in this course ground research in real world best practice to provide you with a clear overview of the essentials on the roadmap to NPS success. By its end, you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of NPS
  • Have tools to make a compelling business case for customer experience
  • Learn about the essential building blocks and hallmarks of NPS program success
  • Know how to identify the common pitfalls which stand in the way of growth
  • Possess an in-depth understanding of how one company achieved double digit returns on their customer experience investments by applying best practice