When is the next Net Promoter Conference?

Premium membership is the best value around. You get access to all our 2015 consumer benchmark reports, plus all our newly revised certification course materials based on NPS2, the improved Net Promoter methodology. In addition, we will regularly add new, valuable resources available only to Premium members. You can compare free and Premium membership levels here.



What is the Net Promoter Academy and how is it different from online certification?

We have completely redesigned the training that leads to certification. It is now based on NPS2, the improved Net Promoter methodology based on more than a decade of in-the-field experience and the contributions of CX industry leaders. The courses are also presented in an easy-to-use way that lets you more easily view – and re-view – the information. You can access the certification courses as long as your Premium membership is active, and we will regularly add additional courses to the site. For a preview of the new way of presenting the courses and an overview of NPS2, view our free course “NPS2 Introduction.”


What Academy courses are available?

Our five-part NPS2 certification course is available today. We will soon add our popular NPS Economics course, and additional courses will be added over time, so that your Premium membership will continue to give you access to new insight and expertise. Meanwhile, visit our Academy page


Can I get a preview of the Academy before I decide about my Premium membership?

Yes, our NPS2 Introduction course is available at the free membership level. The course gives you an overview of this improved methodology while letting you experience our great new format for online courses. In it, NICE Satmetrix Chief Customer Officer Deborah Eastman explores the history of Net Promoter, current market conditions, and the themes that underlie NPS2.



What is the Net Promoter Network and how is it different from the old Net Community?

The new Net Promoter Network is the newly reimagined and redesigned version of the popular Net Promoter Community that NICE Satmetrix first launched in 2007. The dynamic content hub will feature a frequently updated library of CX and NPS-related content (eBooks, infographics, etc.) from NICE Satmetrix and our contributing CX partners. It will also be home to Net Promoter Academy and will host all information about our benchmarking reports, certification, and customer conference.



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