How to Use Net Promoter to Drive Business Growth

Tools, Mindset, and Discipline


If you’re like 65% of the top global companies, Net Promoter is already part of your business. But according to Fred Reichheld, who co-created the discipline along with NICE Satmetrix, you’re probably doing it wrong. We see it all the time; companies with good intentions but less-than-perfect execution. Not to worry.  Our eBook, How to Use Net Promoter to Drive Business Growth, will get you on the right path.


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Like Water for Your Garden

You wouldn’t let your garden go without water in the spring – and you shouldn’t let your business go without a steady flow of recommendations either.


Recommendations have always been a critical part of a healthy business. In the original Net Promoter research, the response to the question, “How likely would you be to recommend [company] to a friend or colleague?” showed the strongest correlation to financial growth. Now, with social recommendation tools gaining adoption every day, recommendations have an even more critical role to play. Managed properly, your Net Promoter program can ensure that you have plenty of recommendations helping to green your garden.


Cultivating Relationships and Innovation

More and more, innovation and an increased focus on relationships – rather than transactions – are catalysts for change in the marketplace. For every Uber, Airbnb, and Zappos with a story of innovative change, there’s a cautionary tale, like Kodak’s, of failing to adapt and grow in reaction to market forces.


As you work to innovate in profitable ways, learn new ways to think about customer lifetime value. Loyal customers offer value in spades – now and into the future.


A Journey to Growth

Before your company can thrive, you need to understand your customers’ journey. Think through the stages that customers travel with you, but never stop there. Instead, you’ll need to consider all the touchpoints and set up not just one but many ways to measure and track the day-to-day interactions that define the journey.


Consider not just each aspect of the journey, but each type of information consumer within your organization. Who needs to know what, and when? Sowing the proper seeds for a sustainable crop of customer data will help when it comes time to harvest that information.


Cultivate Success

Once you know the elements of the customer experience that lead to healthy business growth, take the next step by learning how to structure a Net Promoter program that helps you nurture those elements. Our eBook walks you through all the program design considerations you need to keep in mind: experience metrics, improvement insights, and an action framework.


For example, learn about:

  • Five key elements to evaluate when assessing the quality of your program data
  • How role-specific insight drives action more forcefully; review 20 example areas of insight
  • The three critical aspects of an effective action framework


So how does your garden – or your business – grow? Download our eBook today and get the guidance you need.


Gain a common understanding of NPS and learn best practices for success.

Understand customer journey mapping basics and discuss merits of metrics.

Use customer feedback to inform decision making and link to financials.

Drive actions across the business and define strategies to activate promoters.

Develop a roadmap to integrate NPS2 methodologies in your company.

Take the exam at anytime to enable the credential of Net Promoter Certified Associate.