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Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Mainstay Company

PODCAST: Competing for Customers
Quick Tips in Our Interview with Value Expert Amir Hartman

Competing for Customers: Making the Case for Customer Experience

Creating customer loyalty takes more than better service. In a subscription economy, customers stick around only if they see value from the investments in your products and services. Are your customers truly benefiting from your products and services? Can you measure what success looks like for them? In his latest book, Amir and his co-authors provide a practical guidebook for making customer success a core part of the organizational DNA. Join Amir in this deep-dive, interactive session to better understand how to make customer value and business outcomes a central theme in your customer experience efforts.



Strike Up a Conversation

When you meet Amir in person, strike up a conversation! Here are a few insights to get you going:

  • Three-word advice CX success: Business outcomes matter!
  • Admirable CX practice: Value realization assessments.
  • Learn this from your peers: 2-3 things they should stop doing.
  • Top tip for raising the profile of CX: Present results that are CEO-relevant.
  • Common CX career mistake: Measuring many activities instead of results that matter.
  • Talk to me about: Travel! Any cool travel experiences, I’m all ears.


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