Meet Brian Curry

Chief Operating Officer, NICE Satmetrix

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Uniting the Enterprise Through Technology

When you hear the words “customer experience,” do you immediately think of transformative technological change? You should, because CX is undergoing a revolutionary, tech-driven shift, and it’s poised to unite the enterprise.  


In this session, Brian will show you the transformative elements of a customer experience technology solution. See how the latest features of NICE Satmetrix NPX give you the power to:

  • Unearth the drivers of customer delight,
  • Inspire, inform, and unite your organization, and
  • drive change that drives profit.



Strike Up a Conversation

When you meet Brian in person, strike up a conversation! Here are a few insights to get you going:  


Four-word advice for CX success: Measure and manage constantly.

Debunk that myth! Customer experience is a function our our support and account organizations. Actually customer experience should be the fundamental concern underlying everyone’s role in the company, whatever their department.

Admirable CX practice: Building programs anchored on the idea of the customer journey.

Know this about your CX career: As active participants in this profound wave of change you should understand that you’re working at a special moment in time that will change business practices and strategy forever.

Top tip for raising the profile of CX: Deliver insight to users constantly.

Unexpectedly valuable job experience? I started my career as a user experience designer, so CX is a pretty natural evolution involving applying design-thinking principles to a broader context.

Common CX career mistake: Being over-focused on recovering customers who have had troubled or bad experiences when, in fact, that should be only a small part of the overall CEM program.

Talk to me about: Baseball. I’m a life-long fan and follow the SF Giants with a passion.

Hidden talent: In a pinch, I can do a little slight of hand magic.

In my spare time: I enjoy playing acoustic guitar, indulging my Netflix addiction, reading non-fiction, and shuttling my children to and from various locations.


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