Meet Caitlin Drake

AVP & Director of Customer and Community Experience, Busey

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PODCAST: The Journey to CX Success
Insights from Our Interview with Busey Bank’s Amy Randolph and Caitlin Drake

Uncharted Territory: Busey’s Journey to Customer Experience Success

Just starting out on your CX journey or stuck at a standstill? In this session, Caitlin Drake and her colleague Amy Randolph share how Busey Bank went from a non-existent CX program to one that has been nationally recognized for its success and innovation. Caitlin and Amy will walk participants through building a business case to earn executive buy-in, share success strategies for developing brand advocates and reveal how Busey continues to outperform the rest of the banking industry in customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Strike Up a Conversation

When you meet Caitlin in person, strike up a conversation! Here are a few insights to get you going:

  • One-word advice for CX success: Listen!
  • Top tip for raising the profile of CX: Give your CX advocates megaphones.
  • What I’m passionate about: I love our customers and am passionate about making people feel like they matter


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