Meet Joel Robertson

Director of Technical Services, OCZ Storage Solutions

Quick Tips in Our Interview with Joel

Winning the Internal Battle for Hearts and Minds

You’ve gone out and spent time and resources on a wonderful new NICE Satmetrix suite of software. You have buy-in from influential people inside your organization. You have identified a customer journey and mapped the appropriate listening posts to track the various surveys. You are starting to see data flow into your dashboards.
You show off this shiny new machine with great fanfare and everyone congratulates you on a job well done. The cake is ate, the balloons have wilted, and the confetti has all been swept up. Now what?
Keeping NPS and the customer experience fresh in your peers’ minds is a battle separate from the activities associated with your customers directly, with its own set of challenges and hurdles.
In this session I will demonstrate some activities at OCZ that keep the concepts of customer experience first and foremost in our minds, including:

  • Voice of Customer Council
  • OCZ Customer Experience Lounge
  • Customer Advocate Avatars
  • OCZ Customer Champions
  • OCZ Club 10 – A League of Extraordinary Advocates

Establish your own similar programs, and you too can win the internal battle for the hearts and minds of your peers.

Strike Up a Conversation

When you meet Joel in person, strike up a conversation! Here’s a few insights from, and about, Joel to get you going:


  • Three-word advice for CX success: Always be transparent.
  • Debunk that myth! There is one type of customer out there and the service delivery system should be designed around their needs and desires. Fact: There are actually many types of customers, with a myriad of service requirements.
  • Learn this from your peers: Be open to all lessons. Regardless if you provide internet services, clothing, pharmaceuticals or kitchen gadgets, every customer interaction can help you find new ways to connect, communicate, and improve.
  • Top tip for raising the profile of CX: Don’t be afraid to INNOVATE
  • Hidden talent: I am a 20-year home brewer of beer. I moved to California to follow my dream of brewing beer for a living, but I went into technology instead.


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