Meet Michael Nasr

Retail Business Support/Strategic Program Manager for Caliber Home Loans, Inc.

PODCAST: Engaging Stakeholders
Quick Tips in Our Interview with CX Pro Michael Nasr

Engaging Stakeholders Through Scorecards and Reporting

Caliber Home Loans, Inc. identifies as a service company that happens to provide mortgages. Unlike other financial institutions, mortgage is their only business, and throughout the process they focus on exceeding customer expectations.
Michael and his team have developed a comprehensive approach to delivering relevant data to each stakeholder. After each loan is funded they collect feedback from customers, real estate agents, and wholesale broker partners. The resulting data has been transformative in helping engage stakeholders across the business and understanding milestones throughout the process that are instrumental in the customer experience.
Through scorecards and actionable analytics, Michael and team deliver the information each business leader needs to continuously improve the experience. In their first year, they’ve been able to achieve high participation from their customers, and deliver relevant data to stakeholders across the business. In this session Michael will share the scorecards and reporting that are uniting their organization and making NPS data actionable across the organization.


Strike Up a Conversation

When you meet Michael in person, strike up a conversation! Here are a few insights to get you going:

  • Four-Word Advice for CX Success: Make everyone a stakeholder!
  • Debunk that CX myth! A number (i.e. NPS) means nothing if you don’t know how you reached it.
  • Admirable CX practice: Mobilizing your Promoters.
  • Learn this from your peers: Differences, similarities, a new point of view.
  • Top tip for raising the profile of CX: Find ways to build awareness.
  • Talk to me about: Where you’re from, pets, books, and other non-work related activities.
  • Life-long passion: My passion is scuba diving. I volunteer for a non-profit foundation that supports, trains, equips and provides dive travel to Classified Scuba Divers (individuals with disabilities).


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