Use NPS to Achieve Worldwide Customer Success

Learn How Arval Uses Smart Goal Setting to Inspire Excellence


Has your Net Promoter Score rocketed upwards by 35 points in two year? That’s just what vehicle leasing company Arval achieved in one region, and it has its eye on lofty NPS heights for the company overall, using a range of strategies and the capabilities of NICE Satmetrix NPX.




Fully owned by BNP Paribas, Arval specializes in full service vehicle leasing to professionals, small-to-medium sized businesses, and large international corporations. The company has set a group target for its NPS to be in the top quartile by the end of 2016. The corporate quality team works closely with each country to set and validate individual goals and action plans each year. Action plans must include actions with a high correlation to NPS.


Learn from Arval’s Success

Download the customer success story to learn how Arval adopted NPS and succeeded in developing a customer-centric culture across its 4000 employees in 22 countries:

  • Engaging management and front line teams;
  • Implementing an NPS governance framework;
  • Communicating widely regarding the intent and implementation of the program, both internally & externally;
  • Successfully managing cultural differences;
  • Developing and following up on action plans at both a strategic and operational level;
  • …and much more!