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“What should my Net Promoter score be?” This is perhaps the most common question from both new and experienced Net Promoter program leaders. The answer is complex, because Net Promoter Scores vary widely by industry.


Source: Satmetrix 2015 Consumer Net Promoter Benchmarks


So, to understand your Net Promoter Score, you must compare that score within your industry, and against both direct and indirect competitors. Companies with scores higher than their competitive set grow faster and are more successful.


Know How You Compare

Companies with robust Net Promoter programs make it a habit to seek out and compare themselves to top-scoring firms. Satmetrix makes this easy effort simple with the most comprehensive and reliable set of Net Promoter Benchmarks available. Our data identifies and compares Net Promoter performance across diverse B2C and B2B industries, identifying leaders – and laggards – so that you have a strong and up-to-date basis for comparison.



2015 Net Promoter Benchmarks

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