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Worldwide, organizations looking for a powerful way to drive profitable growth have found it in Net Promoter®. It combines a straightforward, proven metric that predicts growth with an action-oriented management philosophy to keep your organization focused on what matters and what works.


Born of Comprehensive Research

Net Promoter was introduced to the business world in a 2004 Harvard Business Review article by Fred Reichheld, based on research supported by Satmetrix. The research proved the link between higher Net Promoter Score ® (NPS®) and business growth. Net Promoter inspired change, getting companies to move away from market research and instead focus on an operational, ongoing approach to customer experience. Early on, best practices were based on anecdotes, but there wasn’t enough research to definitively guide companies.


Refined through Experience

In 2007, Satmetrix set out to assess the experience of early Net Promoter adopters, so that others could learn from their success and have the best chance of developing a Net Promoter methodology that predicted future growth accurately. The results were codified in the book Answering the Ultimate Question and in Satmetrix’s NPS certification courses. Adoption continued to grow, as more companies turned to Net Promoter as a predictor of bottom-line growth.


Evolved to Integration: NPS2

Net Promoter best practices have evolved over time, and today we have a detailed understanding of the approaches that have proven most effective over time. In today’s market, with social media amplifying the power of recommendations and subscription business models gaining prevalence, innovation and differentiation in customer experience have become increasingly important. Simply getting the basics right is no longer enough. It has also become increasingly clear that organizations benefit most from NPS when they embed customer satisfaction and loyalty data into the day-to-day operations of the business. We call the latest evolution of the methodology NPS2.


Expertise to Guide You

Satmetrix, the co-developer of NPS, offers industry-leading software that reflects our years of expertise, a rich collection of data for benchmarking your own performance, and a top-notch consulting organization to guide your customer experience journey. We also offer an Academy focused on teaching the latest in Net Promoter methodology, a robust community of practitioners and Certified professionals, and an annual conferences to give you access to industry leaders and peers– all supported by online discussions available anytime here at the Net Promoter Network.


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