Why Use Net Promoter?

Learn from the Co-Developers of NPS

Worldwide, organizations looking for a powerful way to drive profitable growth have found it in Net Promoter®. Use this straightforward, proven metric to anchor your customer experience management program, and keep your organization focused on what matters and what works.


Industry-Transforming Research

Net Promoter was introduced to the business world in a 2004 Harvard Business Review article by Fred Reichheld, based on research supported by NICE Satmetrix. The research proved the link between higher Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) and business growth. No other customer experience metric can make this claim.

Net Promoter transformed the way companies think about customer experience. Guided by Net Promoter, more and more companies continue move away from using an outdated market research framework to think about customer experience. Instead, forward-looking companies take an operational, ongoing approach to customer experience with NPS at the center.


Refined Through Experience

After more than a decade of widespread adoption, NPS remains the best metric for overall customer experience. Today, after years of battle-testing our methodology in the field, we have a detailed understanding of the approaches that have proven most effective over time. Look to NICE Satmetrix for best-practice guidance, built right into our software and offered through in-depth resources and training.


Never More Important

In today’s market, with social media amplifying the power of recommendations and subscription business models gaining prevalence, innovation and differentiation in customer experience have become increasingly important. Simply getting the basics right is no longer enough. It has also become increasingly clear that organizations benefit most from NPS when they embed customer satisfaction and loyalty data into the day-to-day operations of the business.

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