The ROI of NPS: Quantifying Impact

How to Build a Framework


If you know the history of Net Promoter, you’re probably well aware of the proven linkage between improving your Net Promoter Score and driving profitable growth. But if you need to brush up on your knowledge, or need to make the case for Net Promoter to a skeptic, our ebook on the ROI of NPS provides facts, concrete examples, and a framework for quantifying the impact of your Net Promoter program on your organization’s bottom line.


If It Works for Them, It Can Work for You

Begin your crash course in the ROI of NPS by looking at some key findings from the original research behind the discipline, and then take a tour of real-world examples from a range of industries. See how companies that focused on improving their customer experience linked their Net Promoter Scores – and an increase in Promoters – to business outcomes like:

  • Lower churn rates
  • Growth in operational income
  • Greater purchasing (by dollar amount and product type)
  • Higher profit
  • Increased market share


Do the Math That Proves Your Worth

With these examples under your belt, our eBook will also help you to build a framework for calculating the bottom-line effects of greater customer loyalty and the resulting improvements in your Net Promoter Score. Co-authors Deborah Eastman (Chief Customer Officer at NICE Satmetrix) and Ranjit Mohapatra (Analytics Manager at NICE Satmetrix) walk you through the steps to confidently modeling and predicting changes in your profits based on improvements to your Net Promoter Score. See how even small increases in the proportion of Promoters can lead to significant increases in profit and growth.


You know your hard work is worth it. Now go out and prove it!


Understand customer journey mapping basics and discuss merits of metrics.

Develop a roadmap to integrate NPS2 methodologies in your company.