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NICE Satmetrix Research Guides Your Goals

NICE Satmetrix Research offers data-driven insights that help you succeed at customer experience management. Materials presented here draw on our more than 18 years of thought leadership and research in customer experience.

Our Net Promoter Score® benchmarks provide a standardized and objective perspective on your Net Promoter® performance against your peers and indirect competitors, including companies that achieve best-in-class NPS®. Annually, we release a wide range of NPS benchmark reports. Our industry-focused global B2B benchmarks let you see scores for top US brands from decisionmakers. Our B2C benchmarks cover 23 industry sectors; our interactive format lets you filter and explore the data we deliver to suit your own interest. Apply the insights you gain to your own Net Promoter performance to set goals for actionable improvements that will move the needle on the score, and therefore your bottom line.

In the years since we co-created NPS as a measure of customer loyalty, continuing NICE Satmetrix thought leadership has cultivated and validated a disciplined, data-driven methodology for improving the customer experience. Effective execution of customer experience management practices requires ongoing commitment, education, and practice.

Our growing library of B2B and B2C Net Promoter benchmarks give you the ability to:

  • Evaluate your performance through a competitive lens
  • Identify performance trends relative to the overall economic environment
  • Prioritize areas of improvement and opportunity
  • Set appropriate expectations and realistic targets


Take Your Program to the Next Level

The success of your customer experience management program rests on the continuous evaluation of your program’s progress. Your goal: to provide role-based insights for stakeholders across the organization and drive meaningful actions for your customers to maximize their lifetime value. Our tools enable you to uncover the gaps in your program by engaging executives, leaders, and champions in rapid internal assessments of your program. Our tailored best practices and templates will guide your next steps to remediate these gaps to deliver business outcomes. With the latest on-demand Net Promoter expertise under your belt, you will be ready to execute a program that measures trustworthy data, boasts a well-functioning closed loop follow-up process, and instills a customer-centric culture.


Net Promoter Benchmarks

B2B and B2C Reports Illuminate Your Competitive Landscape


Industry-Leading Benchmarks

Rely on the industry’s most trusted source for data and insight on NPS performance. Confidently set short- and long-term performance targets for your customer experience work, and stay up to date on the latest industry trends. NICE Satmetrix co-created NPS; why turn to anybody else?


Rich, Peer-Based Comparisons

Get direct access to your competitors’ most valued KPIs by tapping into our database of historical NPS trends. Our annual Net Promoter benchmarks for B2C and B2B companies cover a wide range of industries and use high volumes of data. For example, our latest B2C reports cover 23 industries and nearly 190 brands, drawing on brand ratings from more than 65,000 consumers. On the B2B side, see an additional seven industry-based reports using responses from decision-makers and influencers from 26 countries.

Interactive Data Visualization Tool

Review NPS performance for your entire industry or just a select group of your fiercest competitors using the intuitive filters in our reports. You can also tailor the type of reporting you see – line graphs, bar charts, tables – and export images of what you see.

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NICE Satmetrix Academy & Research is your single source for the industry’s premier thought leadership on customer experience. As NICE Satmetrix Academy & Research subscriber, you’ll benefit from our B2C and B2B benchmarks online in the Research section. You’ll also have access to the Academy section, where you’ll find our Net Promoter Certification course and our Net Promoter Economics course. Learn all the skills you need to build or manage a world-class customer experience program, and earn the sought-after status of Net Promoter Certified Associate. Learn more about our certification and training.

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