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Net Promoter Academy is your portal to professional development and NPS success. Featuring real-world case studies, insightful lectures, and thought-provoking discussions, Net Promoter Academy provides members with always-on access to the industry leading content and expertise, which have made NICE Satmetrix the clear leader in NPS training for more than a decade. Based on over fifteen years of research and practical expertise gained from working with companies around the globe, Net Promoter Academy reflects our commitment to ensuring that professionals charged with the responsibility of charting a course toward NPS success are enabled to achieve it – online, at any time, and from wherever internet access can take you.

Whether you just starting out on your Net Promoter journey and want to set yourself up for success from the start or are a seasoned customer experience professional who wants to take your program to the next level, Net Promoter Academy gives you access to a selection of courses and options designed to meet your needs.

Get Certified

For customer experience professionals wishing to gain a competitive edge, Net Promoter Academy provides a pathway to growth. Capitalize on the explosion in demand for qualified customer experience professionals in today’s marketplace and differentiate yourself from the competition by earning the title of NICE Satmetrix Certified Net Promoter Associate, the credential recognized by companies around the globe as the hallmark of NPS professional competency.

  • Distinguish yourself in the market with the leading NPS credential in the world
  • Advance your professional development with the latest in best practice
  • Develop expertise to empower your organization to succeed
  • Expand your network and join a community of 5000+ CX leaders, who have already earned the title of NICE Satmetrix Certified Net Promoter Associate


Customize Your Learning

For customer experience professionals who are already certified or who just want to deepen their skill set and keep up-to-date with the latest best practices in customer experience management, Net Promoter Academy provides the ability to do that. With lessons divided by topic and accompanied by detailed descriptions, Net Promoter Academy offers you the freedom to customize your professional development and chart a pathway for learning tailored to your unique needs.

  • Customize your journey: Select one or any combination of courses or lessons
  • Find content you want, whenever you need it: Download materials and review lessons on demand, at any time
  • Explore and learn: Click any course in our library to explore options, discover content and get the help you need to take the next step on your NPS journey


Grow With Us

To meet the growing demand for customer experience leadership, NICE Satmetrix is deepening its investment in expanding the opportunities for professional development Net Promoter Academy offers. With new courses and content already underway, Net Promoter Academy will continue to grow to ensure that you get self-serve access to the training you want and the tools you need for NPS success now and in the future.


Training to Drive Success

Academy Courses Deliver Best Practices for Customer Experience


Practical Guidance from the Experts

Become an expert on building, refining, and managing a world-class customer experience program by learning from the experts. We co-created Net Promoter Score, or NPS, over 15 years ago and have been helping companies deliver tangible business outcomes ever since.


Battle-Tested Best Practices

Tired of training that fails to show you how? Our certification and training courses feature real-world case studies that demonstrate how to approach and overcome your most pressing challenges.


Career-Defining Confidence

Accelerate your career by learning the skills you need to run – or refine – a show-stopping customer experience program. You’ll also develop the business acumen to engage and advise your leadership team.


Part of NICE Satmetrix Academy & Research

NICE Satmetrix Academy & Research is your single source for the industry’s premier thought leadership on customer experience. As NICE Satmetrix Academy & Research subscriber, you’ll benefit from our B2C and B2B benchmarks online in the Research section. You’ll also have access to the Academy section, where you’ll find our Net Promoter Certification course and our Net Promoter Economics course. Learn all the skills you need to build or manage a world-class customer experience program, and earn the sought-after status of Net Promoter Certified Associate. Learn more about our certification and training.


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