The ROI of NPS: Help Your Colleagues See the Light

Tools, Mindset, and Discipline


NPS delivers ROI in the form of customer retention, leading to increased revenue, profits, and growth – that’s probably not news to you. But it might be news to a colleague, and it never hurts to have a quick review. Our infographic is just right for sharing with the the skeptics, challengers, and seekers in your life to help them get a handle on the ROI of NPS. Your journey to excellent customer experience is always made easier with a big stable of allies.


Just the Basics, By the Numbers

The concepts behind the power of increased Net Promoter Scores are pretty simple at their core. Promoters are worth more to your company and can help you grow, while Detractors are worth less and can damage both your brand and your profits. Nurture more Promoters and create fewer Detractors and your bottom line should start moving in the right direction.


But the math behind the simple concepts has a lot of layers. Here are just a few examples of positive business outcomes that can be driven by an increase in Promoters:

  • Reduced churn
  • Increased operational income
  • Larger share of wallet
  • Higher profits
  • Growth in market share


In our infographic, we provide you with a glimpse of some of these powerful measures in action, teach a cautionary tale about detractors, and help you think through the basic framework for estimating growth based on changes in NPS.


Make an ally, silence a skeptic, or satisfy a questioner. Share our infographic today.


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