Make Your Customers Fall in Love with Your Company

Tools, Mindset, and Discipline


Don’t you wish your customers would fall head over heels for your company? In this infographic, we share 12 top tips for making – and keeping – a love connection with your customers. The stakes are high for your CEM program – and for your company. Most customers who walk away from a company do so because you aren’t making it clear that you care about them. But the potential payoff for even a small increase in retention rates will probably surprise you, so read on to find out what works.



Learn the best way to begin your relationship with your customers (hint: it’s not a cold call). Then check out some powerful ways to set the mood for a customer romance (Hint: They do not involve Barry White). For example, do you know:

  • The top benefits of personalizing your marketing messages?
  • How much a free trial can cut the cost of customer acquisition?
  • How many times you have to deliver a message before it sticks?


Building a Romance that Lasts

And how can you be sure that your company is a good partner in love and life – from a customer’s perspective, that is? You’ll find out:

  • The best number of customer touches during the first 90 days of your relationship
  • How 70% of customers prefer to get to know you
  • How to increase your revenue growth by up to 15%
  • What will make 50% of your customers stick with you for at least 6 years


But even the most loving relationships include their share of ups and downs, so be prepared to face them bravely and get through the low moments quickly. Find tips on the value of sincerity, speed, and flexibility. Learn customers’ favorite way to resolve problems – for now, anyway. Social media keeps shaking things up, as you’ll discover. Finally, every relationship can benefit from a little advice and inspiration from those who’ve had success. Let yourself be inspired by what customer relationship experts have to say about how to treat your sweetheart – that is, your customer – right.



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