2015 US Consumer Net Promoter Benchmarks: Four Lessons for Business

Tools, Mindset, and Discipline


“What should my company’s Net Promoter Score be?” Whether you’re just starting your customer experience management program or refining your long-standing Net Promoter practice, you’ve almost certainly wondered how your company’s NPS compares to your competitors’. Well wonder no more – our U.S. consumer Net Promoter benchmarks are here! Find them all at: Net Promoter Network’s Benchmarks section. And to make it even easier for you to glean some key takeaways, we’ve pulled together a few important lessons found in this year’s data. Our infographic (below) gives you a glimpse of what we’ve uncovered.


Aim High for Success

First, you’re right to be wondering how your score stacks up. Companies with a Net Promoter score higher than their competitors tend to grow faster and become more profitable. Loyalty and Satisfaction (which is what your Net Promoter Score measures), and you can take that to the bank. When you know what the NPS benchmark is for leaders in your industry, you can set improvement targets that are right for your business. That’s Lesson #1.


Don’t Rest on Your Laurels

Even if you’re fortunate enough to be an NPS leader, don’t get complacent. You never know when an upstart will rise up to challenge you, or when an established competitor will shake things up and de-throne you. See three companies that exemplify Lesson #2 in our infographic.


Focus on the Customer Journey

Remember, one good score won’t do the trick when it comes to driving the change that’s needed to maintain a customer centric culture. You need a complete view of your company, and most importantly, your customers’ journeyto know how to manage it to best effect. That’s Lesson #3, and we’ve got an example of a company widely known as a loyalty leader that nevertheless stumbled in one area of its business.


Context is King

Lastly, context is king. You might be thrilled with an uptick in your Net Promoter Score – but should you be? Not if your competitors’ scores are outpacing yours.  Similarly, a downturn in your score – always a worry – might feel a little less panic-inducing in the context of an industry-wide trend. See an example of an industry in the second situation in Lesson #4. We’ve got plenty of tips on how to and raise your Net Promoter Scores. But first, get 2015 NPS benchmark highlights and learnings from the latest data.


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