NICE Satmetrix 2018 B2B Benchmarks

Data of Impeccable Quality Delivers Great Insight

Understand the Competitive Landscape

Our B2B Net Promoter Benchmarks accomplish the seemingly impossible: delivering high quality B2B NPS data at an affordable price. Get cross-regional insights and set context for your success.

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Our Approach Means Better Data

NICE Satmetrix B2B NPS Benchmark reports use data collected directly from clients who participate in our normative research program. Data is drawn from the responses of 352,980 individuals in 168 countries.


Our data comes from contacts known to be real customers, which is hard to guarantee in most similar research. It also means that our database is based on many million responses, instead of a few thousand.

Get a Global Perspective

These reports give you important insight into how performance varies by geography. Understand these culturally-driven differences before you set unattainable goals for your business regions.


Participating companies are not revealed. We provide a summary of the average Net Promoter Scores globally, by region, and by country, and look at scores for different percentiles.


The industries covered are business services, computer software, computer hardware, high tech, manufacturing, business services, and overall.


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