15 Years of Tracking Net Promoter: What have we learned?

Brendan Rocks, Data Scientist, NICE Satmetrix, Inc.


NICE Satmetrix has been tracking Net Promoter data from hundreds of companies for 15 years, and the cumulative insight has much to teach us. NICE Satmetrix’s Head of Data Science, Brendan Rocks, examined industrial NPS trends over time, the demographic factors which affect the score, and how tracking Word of Mouth economics has changed in the age of social media. Learn about:


  • The history of Net Promoter, including trends in scores that track to global events
  • 2015 Net Promoter trends across a range of industries, in both the U.S. and U.K.
  • The effect of demographics on NPS


Rocks shared lessons from 15 years of Net Promoter benchmarking data at the 2015 NICE Satmetrix International Net Promoter Conference in London.


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About Brendan Rocks
Brendan is NICE Satmetrix’s Head of Data Science, responsible for analytics methodology and data products, as well as training, advice, and guidance on statistics. Brendan was previously the founding analyst in NICE Satmetrix’s Business Consulting analytics team, advising executive teams on the financial impact of experience improvements, using predictive modeling techniques.


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