Driving Profit and Growth with Customer Focus

CX Hero Louise Niemann Describes The City Bin Co.’s Story

Louise Niemann
Louise Niemann
Sales and Business Development Director at The City Bin Co.
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Louise Niemann discusses the importance of focusing on the customer’s point of view to strengthen business relationships.


Louise joined The City Bin Co with a Net Promoter Score that compares favorably to international brands and a churn rate less than half that of its competitors, The City Bin Co. has carved out a profitable and growing niche in a highly competitive market. If you want to do the same, Niemann says, play a different game than your competitors by focusing on customer experience in every aspect of your business and your day-day-operations. Louise joined The City Bin Co. in 2013 and is a results-driven executive with a track record of successfully delivering strategic projects and driving profitable growth in developed and emerging markets. Louise has multinational and SME experience, spanningacross a wide range of industry sectors, including FinancialServices, Retail, and Medical Devices. Louise holds an MBA at London Business School.