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Quick Tips in Our Interview with CX Consultant Colin Shaw
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The Intuitive Customer: 7 Imperatives for Improving CX

You can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s thinking, and that may be why most organizations struggle to improve their customer experience. To take your customer experience to the next level you have to embrace the irrationality of customers. In this session, Colin will reveal the link between behavioral economics and customer experience in an easy to understand and practical way. He will also show how understanding the customer from a deep behavioral, emotional, subconscious and psychological level is the key to success.



Strike Up a Conversation

When you meet Colin in person, strike up a conversation! Here are a few insights from, and about, Colin to get you going:


  • Debunk that myth!: Emotions do not apply in B2B.
  • Three-word advice for CX success: Keep the faith!
  • Admirable CX practice: CRM, when used in the right way
  • Learn this from your peers: None of us are as clever as all of us.
  • Top tip for raising the profile of CX: Deliver, deliver, deliver.
  • Unexpectedly valuable for CX focus: Understanding how people think.
  • Common CX career mistake: Taking a job where you have responsibility without authority.
  • Talk to me about: Fishing! I love deep-sea fishing and moved to Florida so I can do it all year round.
  • Hidden talent: I know the words to lots of songs, but can’t sing.
  • Goals in progress: 1. To make CX accepted in the board room. 2. To understand the rules of football. (US football, not English football)
  • Life-long passion: I am a season ticket holder at Luton Town Football Club (soccer) in the English League 2. Three divisions below the Premier League!


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