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Meet Molly Kimball

RD, CSSD, Sports and Lifestyle Dietitian

Quick Tips in Our Interview with Nutritionist Molly Kimball


EAT: To Beat Stress. To Look Better. To Feel Better

UNITE is packed with opportunities to improve your professional skills. But this session is designed to help you improve YOU. Registered dietitian Molly Kimball shares strategies that have helped thousands of her clients improve their well-being as well as their waistlines. Discover your optimal sweet spot of stress management and balance as you learn how stress affects our bodies, our cravings, and our energy. She’ll also give us an in-depth look at the real reasons we “stress eat” – and what we can do about it.


Molly will present two sessions. In the first, she’ll give an overview of the principles and benefits of healthy eating. The second will be a hands-on workshop to explore these concepts and skills in a practical way.



Strike Up a Conversation

When you meet Molly in person, strike up a conversation! Here are a few insights from, and about, Molly to get you going:


  • Four-word career advice: Passion, hard work, kindness.
  • Common career mistake: Expecting success without putting in the hard work and really earning it.
  • Hidden talent: I make pottery and it’s even been sold in some of our local Magazine St. shops!
  • Life-long passion: Whole-body wellness is my true passion. I’m fortunate that, as registered dietitian, my passion is also my profession.


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