Workshop: “Show Me the Money!”

Presented by John Gilbert, Senior Client Partner


Show the Financial Impact of NPS Improvement

Customer loyalty is important, but at the end of the day your key stakeholders and executive sponsors want you to “show them the money.” How much do Promoters really represent in economic value? What is the relative profitability of Promoters compared to Passive and Detractors? What is the return on investment in implementing the recommended improvements to increase NPS? In this session, the developer of the popular full-day Net Promoter Economics course takes you through a crash course on creating a Net Promoter economic model for your business.



Strike Up A Conversation

When you meet John in person, strike up a conversation! Here are a few insights to get you started:

  • Three-word advice for CX success: Insights, Action, Perseverance
  • Best advice for raising the profile of CX in your organization: Show me the money!
  • Long-term goals: Learn Spanish, get my motorcycle license, and retrace Che Guevara’s South American tour from “Motorcycle Diaries”


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